Our Mission

Our mission here, at Paw Moments, is simple - to help you gift a smile to a loved one... or to yourself

by turning your beloved paw companion into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece which will last you for a lifetime. I would like to introduce you to our CPO (Chief Paw Office) , Iron, who is the dog responsible for all this. My name is Dan and I'm his owner. Paw Moments was created out of my desire to create a stunning memento of Iron that would capture him in his best light and what a better way than a canvas art! If our art made you or your beloved one laugh, smile or cry tears of joy, that means we did our job!

Your Choice Matters!

Giving back is what keeps the world spinning and we are all in a position to do so! That's why we donate a percentage of our annual profits to pet shelters of YOUR CHOICE. Yes, you decide towards which charity you want us to donate your share after you've made your purchase!

P.S. A greeting card will be send with your order in which you can find detailed instructions and more information.

Iron, The Saint Bernard: