Personalized Doormat - We know you are there (Limited)
Personalized Doormat - We know you are there (Limited)
Personalized Doormat - We know you are there (Limited)
Personalized Doormat - We know you are there (Limited)
Personalized Doormat - We know you are there (Limited)
Personalized Doormat - We know you are there (Limited)
Personalized Doormat - We know you are there (Limited)

Personalized Doormat - We know you are there (Limited)

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Size Guide

Maximum pet allowed: 3 pets (due to the limited area of the doormat). If you want even more pet please order an additional mat. 

  • Pet Mojo EXCLUSIVE - Not Available In Stores

How does the process work:

  1. Take a cute pic of your bestie (suitable for any pet or animal!)
  2. Upload your pet's photo by clicking the "Choose Image" button & input name (or names if more than 1 dog) in the text field.
  3. Place your order.
  4. We customize your photos into the design.
  5. We make the items.
  6. Voila! The perfect gift for any pet owner is on the way!
  7. Do it... In less than 1 minute!

Wonder about your photo's quality? Here are some examples and things to look for!

Think your photo is not good?
Don't have a better one now?
Upload the picture you do, and if we need a new one, we'll ask for it by email.
Rest assured, we're ON IT!

❌No photos of dogs in cages

Just make sure that the dog is not cut off in the photo and the brightness+quality of the photo is good.

About our Doormats 

  • Material: durable heat-resistant non-woven fabric top and neoprene rubber non-slip backing.
  • Indoor or outdoor use. Doormat is widely used for indoor front welcome mat, kitchen rug, floor mat, living room and so on.
  • Dry wet feet, grab dirt, dust, and grime, keeping floors clean and dry.
  • Easy clean. Use a damp cloth or sponge and mild detergent to clean dirt. Machine washing is not recommended.

    Customize Time: 2 Business Days

    Production Time: 3 Business Days

    Shipping Time: 7-12 Business Days

    Frequently asked questions:

    Q: Can I fit more than 1 dog and their names on the doormat?

    A: Yes, you can! Just select the number of pets from the product options and upload a photo of your dogs. Also, add your dogs' names!

    Q: What if I don't have a group photo of my dogs?

    A: Just upload their individual photos. We will take care of the rest and put them all on the mat!

    Q: What sizes do you have available?

    A: We currently have 2 sizes available.  

    1. 24" X 16" (60X40cm)
    2. 31.5" X 20" (80x50cm)

    The mat can be used indoors and outdoors.

    NOVEMBER UPDATE: Due to the uniqueness, care and effort that goes into making a single doormat we decided that this batch will be a Limited Edition and supply will be limited.

    It's currently available and you can still get yours now!

    After this batch, the next time this product will be available is January 2020! Secure yours now!

    What our customers are saying:

     Processing video with 100% hand-made
    Metal Signs Canvases
    1. Pick the number of dogs and find their breeds from our extensive library.
    2. Input your desired name/s (OPTIONAL)
    3. To ensure the best end product, please use standard English only and exclude special characters.
    4. Click "Preview Your Personalization" to get a glimpse of your beautiful creation at the final step.
    1. Pick your favourite dog photo.
    2. Choose your style and size.
    3. To ensure the best end product, please use only high quality photos.
    4. Our Artists work their magic and you see a preview of your art if you have opt-ed in for an Art Preview

    Shipping and Delivery 

    We deliver worldwide🌍!

    Metal Signs 7-12 Business Days
    Canvases  5-9 Business Days


    Most orders are generally produced and ready to ship within 4-6 business days. This can increase to up to 9 during busy periods and sales periods.

    • The above time frame is only applied for orders to the US with standard shipping methods. Account for 2-3 days production time.
    • Canvases are Subject to 1-2 days design creation time. Metal Signs are not
    • International orders: It may take 2-5 days longer due to the customs clearance process.
    • Due to the global impact of COVID-19, the processing time may be a bit delayed than usual.