The Baroness - Custom Pet Portrait
The Baroness - Custom Pet Portrait
The Baroness - Custom Pet Portrait
The Baroness - Custom Pet Portrait
The Baroness - Custom Pet Portrait
The Baroness - Custom Pet Portrait

The Baroness - Custom Pet Portrait

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"This is the most RIDICULOUS and UNNECESSARY thing I've seen... I'll take 3 please" - Antonia S. 

Need to remind the peasants of your pet's legendary status?

Or just want to gift a smile to a friend/loved one with a regal portrait of their favorite fur baby? (Or ape, or tortoise, or octopus, any pet really!) This unique gift will make a great conversation piece in any home, or a gift that will never be forgotten. A one-of-a-kind original piece.

7 Inspiring Reasons You Should Own A Paw Moments Portrait:

  •  One-Of-A Kind Portrait Printed on Ready To Hang Gallery Quality Canvas
  •  A gift like no other, ensuring a priceless reaction (Say NO to boring gifts!)
  •  Fixes Bad Mood in Seconds
  • 198.7% Guaranteed to make people laugh (Yes, it's true!)
  •  Officially lets your pet know that you think they're a big deal
  •  Made by Real Artists that draw pet portraits every day
  •  High-quality Inks, no fading, your pet art will last FOREVER

We pride ourselves in our satisfaction rate, we meant it when we said 198.7% (not-typo) satisfaction rate and we plan on keeping it that way.

🎨 Our artists design your custom pet artwork with love, care, and attention. Capturing your pet's unique personality and facial expression,  turning your pet photo into an unforgettable piece of art, ready to show off in your home.

📷Simply upload your favorite pet photo and our artists will work their magic! 

And if the photo you've uploaded is no good, we will work with you until it comes out perfect.

🎁NEW: Add even more impact with our new breathtaking Floating Frame™

P.S. Our Paw Moments portraits have been rated "The most tear-jerking, joy-inducing and stress relieving gift every pet parent has ever received"! Yes, it's a lengthy one.

About the Canvases:

  •  Hooks already attached for quick and easy hanging
  •  Handcrafted with sturdy, hardwood frames (0.75''/1.5'' for the floating frame)
  •  High-quality gallery canvas wrap 
      Metal Signs Canvases
      1. Pick the number of dogs and find their breeds from our extensive library.
      2. Input your desired name/s (OPTIONAL)
      3. To ensure the best end product, please use standard English only and exclude special characters.
      4. Click "Preview Your Personalization" to get a glimpse of your beautiful creation at the final step.
      1. Pick your favourite dog photo.
      2. Choose your style and size.
      3. To ensure the best end product, please use only high quality photos.
      4. Our Artists work their magic and you see a preview of your art if you have opt-ed in for an Art Preview

      Shipping and Delivery 

      We deliver worldwide🌍!

      Metal Signs 7-12 Business Days
      Canvases  5-9 Business Days


      Most orders are generally produced and ready to ship within 4-6 business days. This can increase to up to 9 during busy periods and sales periods.

      • The above time frame is only applied for orders to the US with standard shipping methods. Account for 2-3 days production time.
      • Canvases are Subject to 1-2 days design creation time. Metal Signs are not
      • International orders: It may take 2-5 days longer due to the customs clearance process.
      • Due to the global impact of COVID-19, the processing time may be a bit delayed than usual.